100 Years in Pictures

Domonkos Herboly
/ photo: Szilvia Csibi

Dear Reader,


Founded in Budapest 100 years ago was an ensemble called the Metropolitan Orchestra, whose characteristics – it is safe to say – differed from the main features of today’s Hungarian National Philharmonic in every respect. What is it that each generation of musicians has successfully passed on to its successors during an eventful century that was not lacking in historical trials, and which, having reached us in this manner and being entrusted to our care, is now the carefully safeguarded treasure and defining ideal of both our everyday life and our occasions for celebration? We can hardly go wrong to respond that the tradition of Hungarian classical music, Hungary’s culture of symphonic orchestral music, is the precious thing of value that, back at that time, a few dozen musicians cooperated to preserve and develop, and which today remains close to our hearts and a growing source of pride for us, their successors and disciples.

As the general director of the Hungarian National Philharmonic, I am infinitely grateful to fate for giving me the honour of being able to salute the orchestra on its 100th anniversary, a privilege that I share with many others, as the audience – our audience – is also lucky to get to experience with us this exceptional celebration taking place in the context of the history of Hungarian music interpretation as a whole. I am grateful to the institutions that helped the creation of our album with their work and support, and I believe that the images of 100 years, the documents that we present to the reader in this volume, constitute an account of an important and successful chapter in the history of Hungarian culture, and one worth learning about. I hope you find browsing through our centenary photo album to be both a pleasant and informative.

Domonkos Herboly,
General Director of the Hungarian National Philharmonic